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Adverbs can be classified in intensifiers and downtoners.

  • Intensifiers: Extremely, Very, Really.
  • Downtoners: Fairly, Quite, Rahter.

Adjectives can be intensified by using adverbs such as rather, very or extremly:
    • Ex: The person was completely dead.
    • It was extremly hot in the room.
However some adjectives have already an extreme meaning. So these adjetives can only be intensified with adverbs such as absolutely, completely or utterly.
  • Read that book was completely impossible.
Adverbs that can be used before gradable adjectives:
  • Pretty, fairly, rather, quite, very. extremly, really(*), particullarly, terribly.
Adverbs that cannot be used before gradable adjectives (because they are extreme or absolute adjectives)
  • rahter, utterly, absolutely, completely
(*) really can be used with both adjectives.

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